Short Sales

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short sales

[bs_col class=”col-sm-10″]We hear the term short sale all the time, but you may not know what it really means.

A short sale is the sale of real estate in which the proceeds from the sale fall short of what is actually owed to the lender, and the property owner can’t afford to repay the lien’s full amount. The lien holder agrees to release the lien on the property for less than the amount owed. The lender does not get all the money back that was loaned on the sale. A short sale cannot take place without the lender’s permission.

Panhandle Title, Inc., specializes in short sales, and we can help unravel the complications that may arise.

Contact us with any questions at 850.729.8877. We’re here to provide you with the best service available for your real estate closing needs.

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